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Here's where you'll find all the latest news and developments regarding the 2020 Great Weston Ride:

December 2019

Xmas Giveaway

You may have already seen that we've entered into the festive spirit and announced that we'll be giving away some cycling goodies worth around £100 as an Xmas present to one of the riders signed up for the 2020 GWR :)

Initially we were going to keep the contents of the pressie as a surprise, however there is in fact a huge amount of choice & personal preference involved with what we have in mind - so we've decided it might be better after all to let everyone know what's actually going to be in the box!

The goodies are very kindly being provided by Gary Harris Cycles in Bristol (Gary has been the lead mechanic for the GWR since Day #1) and the lucky winner will be able to choose TWO items from the Fabric range in Gary's shop - the first being a brand new bike saddle from a very extensive selection, and the second is the winner's preferred choice of quality handlebar tape which is available in a variety of colours.


Gary will be able to advise on & recommend the most appropriate saddle within the range, to suit the winner's individual riding style, and he will also fit both the saddle AND the bar tape free of charge, if required. There are options for men and women within the saddle range as a whole, and the saddle also comes with a 60-day fit guarantee so it can be exchanged if, for some reason, it turns out that it doesn't feel quite right.

So you can see why we need to reveal what's in the box - there's a huge amount of choice on offer on BOTH products, and everyone could seriously benefit from these goodies in terms of real 'on-bike' comfort! :)

And to be in with a chance of receiving this GWR gift it couldn't be simpler - it's definitely going to go to one of our riders, and everyone who is signed up for the 2020 GWR prior to the draw being made at 6pm on Sunday 15th December is automatically entered and in with a chance of winning.

So if you're going to be joining us in 2020 just make sure that you get your Ride entry sorted in good time to be in the hat for this - it would be kind of daft not to really, wouldn't it?! :)

October 2019

2020 Rider Medal

The GWR enters its second decade in 2020 and we've come up with a pretty special rider medal design to commemorate what is yet another significant milestone for us :)

One of these fab medals will be waiting for each & every rider who crosses the finish line in Weston-super-Mare next July and it should serve as a permanent reminder of a great achievement AND a great day out.

Hopefully you like the look of it with its two iconic images of Bristol and Weston and, as ever, all you need to do to get your hands on one of these is to ENTER the Ride, get some training in beforehand (the sooner you enter the more training & preparation you can do!), and then it's all about going out and riding the thing on the day!


Once again, with at least EIGHT route & distance options to choose from, there should be something for pretty much everyone, so whichever route option you go for you WILL know that you've well & truly earned your medal by the finish - and of course it always feels that little bit easier if you also know that you've done a bit of prep & practice beforehand!

Please do come & join us if you haven't entered already and bring as many friends, colleagues, family, etc with you as you can - we see so many groups riding together now and it really is even better when you take on the challenge alongside a bunch of people you know!

So sign up NOW and your medal will be waiting :)

November 2019

2019 Fundraising Effort

You may (or may not!) be aware that these days we organise TWO challenging West Country cycling events (the Great Weston Ride & the Great Exmoor Ride) that encourage riders to use their considerable physical efforts to fundraise for charities and other good causes, and we'd like to say a huge 'THANK YOU' to everyone who rose to one (or both) of these challenges and raised money this year.

We've now gathered as much info as we can on the overall fundraising effort from these two events and we're delighted to say that it looks like the combined fundraising figure for 2019 is over £45,000, which is an amazing sum and the largest annual amount raised to date.

This also means that in excess of £355,000 has now been raised in total for good causes by our riders since we started.

This fantastic outcome is entirely down to the efforts and commitment of sponsored riders and their generous supporters, and we would appreciate it if fundraising riders could share this news with their sponsors, together with our thanks and appreciation for EVERYONE who contributed.

As always, numerous different charities and causes benefitted from riders' efforts and exertions and every year we're pleased to see so many being supported, and we're also delighted to see that our official charity partner, Prostate Cancer UK, enjoyed huge support once more and has now received around £235,000 from its longstanding partnership with the GWR and, more recently, the GER.

Both we and the whole team at Prostate Cancer UK are extremely grateful for the tremendous support that has been shown yet again and we'd all like to say a massive collective 'Thank You' to everyone who has contributed.

Hopefully this excellent news provides the encouragement and inspiration for riders to enter and at least consider fundraising again next year - the GWR enters its second decade in 2020 and the GER is going into its fourth year, and we'd love to see that total fundraising figure hit £400,000 if at all possible!


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