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January 2022

Bottoms Up for Butcombe Beers

We're absolutely delighted to be able to start 2022 with the excellent news that Butcombe Brewery has confirmed that it will be supporting us again this year - for the ELEVENTH YEAR running!




Eleven years of partnership really does show genuine commitment and, despite another very challenging year for the hospitality industry, we're immensely pleased that Butcombe is still willing & able to continue its support for the award-winning GWR, as well as also once again supporting our season-opening Mendips Lakes and Lumps Ride.

Most people are aware that Butcombe is very much a major national brand these days, but the brewery still has a very strong affinity with the West Country and its Bristol heartlands and it's keen to promote the area as a great place for leisure activities.

This is because, as well as their excellent beers, there's also a growing number of lovely Butcombe pubs & inns dotted around the South West and, as a cycling-friendly organisation, their various establishments are always pleased to welcome people on bikes for a bit of refreshment and refuelling when they're out & about.

The ongoing partnership with the GWR means that our riders can look forward to seeing the Butcombe event bar at the finish line again this year, and of course their finest ale will be available on tap to help people to celebrate their achievement in rising to the GWR challenge.

And that's not all: as we've said, Butcombe is also supporting our Mendips Lakes and Lumps Ride and once again they'll be providing every rider in that event with a FREE BOTTLE OF BEER at the finish - making a great day out exploring the wonderful Mendip Hills AONB by bike in June even more worthwhile!



We'll also be looking at other ways to get the most out of this great West Country partnership, and the bottom line is that once again we're going to have some of the best beer in the country available at both these events - and that's definitely something to celebrate!


February 2022

2022 Rider Medal

It hasn't escaped our attention that the primary identifying colours of the GWR and its 'baby brother' the Great Exmoor Ride are yellow and blue respectively - which, of course, also happen to be the now very-familiar colours of the national flag of Ukraine.

So we've decided to do something a little bit different with the respective Ride medals this year - namely, that we've modified the medal designs for each event to display those colours TOGETHER as our way of showing support for, and solidarity with, the people of Ukraine at this incredibly difficult and frightening time for them.



It just seems like the right thing to do given that we're naturally in a position to do this and, of course, it also means that everyone who takes part in either (or both) events can join us in expressing their support too.

We happen to think that the end result is two great-looking medals that also help to make the statement we want to make this year, and we'd like to think that all our riders will be equally happy with this.

So one of these fab medals will be waiting for each & every GWR rider who crosses the finish line in Weston-super-Mare in July and hopefully, by then, the situation will be much improved and Ukraine and its people will be on the road to recovery.

And if you haven't entered yet please do come & join us and bring as many friends, colleagues, family, etc with you as you can - we see so many groups riding together now and it really is even better when you take on the challenge alongside a bunch of people you know!

So sign up NOW and your medal will be waiting!

October 2021

Welcome to our AWARD-WINNING Cycling Challenge!

In case you haven't heard, the Great Weston Ride is no ordinary cycling event - it is, in fact, officially an award-winning cycling event, having recently won the Award for Health & Wellbeing at the prestigious Bristol Life Awards!



These Awards are designed to celebrate the very best of Bristol so, as you can imagine, we're delighted and very proud to receive this accolade and, above all else, we think it's absolutely fantastic to see a cycling event achieving major recognition for its contribution in such an important area.

The very significant health & wellbeing benefits associated with cycling are pretty well-documented and we always strive to convey this message to riders and potential participants, and it's undoubtedly a good thing to be encouraging and helping people to be more active so that they feel fitter & healthier - physically and mentally - as a result.

The fact that we were also shortlisted for 'Best Event' in Bristol for the FIFTH year in a row at the same Awards is no mean feat either, but it's fair to say that we're extremely pleased with the 'Health & Wellbeing' Award in particular and this gives us every encouragement to keep trying to improve things and to make the event the very best that it can be.

So, if you and your pals want a great day out and the chance to experience some of those health & wellbeing benefits for yourselves, make sure that you're signed up for the 2022 GWR via our Online Entry page.

After all, it's not every day that you get the chance to take part in an AWARD-WINNING event, is it?! :)

October 2021

GWR Cycling Jersey - pre-Xmas Order

We've had a number of enquiries recently about our GWR cycling jerseys and so we've decided to place a new order for delivery by mid-December - just in time to help with any 'what to buy for Xmas' dilemmas!



It will be exactly the same design & spec as this year's jersey, and we're pleased to be able to say that it will also be the same price. But please note that this is being done very much 'to order' and therefore the customisation options listed below are available for advance purchases ONLY.

But what we will still do is supply and deliver the jerseys at cost plus a modest amount on top as a donation to our charity partner, Prostate Cancer UK, meaning that once again the purchase price is just £35 - which includes VAT, P&P and the charity contribution.

Obviously we want to ensure that we can get the jerseys to people in good time for Xmas so orders need to be placed by Wednesday 3rd November 2021 latest - this means that we can then expect to be able to send out jerseys to everyone who's ordered one by mid-December, and just ahead of the final posting date for Christmas.

The jersey, available in sizes XS to 4XL, comes with three rear pockets to carry your ride essentials AND an additional small zipped pocket for valuables, and we can offer a level of customisation that includes zip options (short or full-length) and a female-specific cut.

Have a look at the male & female size charts below for measurements and, if you'd like to buy a jersey, please visit our Online Entry page where you'll be able to select your size & zip preferences:


GWR jersey size chart (Men)

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GWR jersey size chart (Women)

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GWR jersey size chart (Men)

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NB these jerseys are described as 'club fit' and we can confirm that they're definitely a pretty snug fit so if you're borderline between two sizes or unsure - or if you just prefer a slightly looser fit - you may want to opt for one size up.

And remember - if you want one PLEASE don't miss the order deadline (Wednesday 3rd November)!

November 2021

2021 Fundraising

We've now gathered as much information as we can on the overall fundraising effort from our Great Weston Ride, Great Exmoor Ride, and Mendips Lakes & Lumps Ride cycling challenges this year, and it looks like the combined fundraising figure for 2021 across those events is an estimated £40,000 - which also means that around £440,000 has now been raised in total for good causes by our riders since we started.

As always, numerous different charities and causes benefitted from riders' efforts & exertions in 2021 and every year we're pleased to see so many being supported.

And we're especially delighted to see that our official charity partner received very significant levels of support again - to the extent that Prostate Cancer UK specifically has now received around £290,000 from its association with our cycling challenges.



So obviously we'd like to say a massive and heartfelt 'THANK YOU' to everyone who rose to one or more of these challenges and raised money this year - it's a very significant amount in what are still quite testing circumstances, and this success is entirely down to the efforts and commitment of sponsored riders and their generous supporters.

We would appreciate it if fundraising riders could also share this news with the people who supported them, together with our thanks and appreciation for EVERYONE who contributed, and Prostate Cancer UK has specifically asked us to let everyone know that they are extremely grateful for the tremendous support that has been shown yet again.

And of course we very much hope that lots of people will enter and at least consider fundraising again next year - a grand total of half a million is now well within sight, and it would be simply phenomenal if we could reach that figure next year!


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