Here's where you'll find all the latest news and developments regarding the 2021 Great Weston Ride:

January 2021

2021 - Ongoing Coronavirus Situation

Just as it was ten long months ago, we're back to very difficult and worrying times for a lot of people so, with that in mind, we'd like to update on where we're at currently and how we see things unfolding in 2021.


We'll start by reiterating the positive message we shared repeatedly last year, namely that WE'RE NOT GOING TO BE BEATEN BY THIS.


We were true to our word in 2020, we delivered a very safe and enjoyable event last year - one of very few to happen in the entire country - and it means that we now have a tried & tested COVID-secure model to hand if needed.  So hopefully that will give everyone the confidence to trust & support us again this year.


That said, the next few weeks are definitely going to be challenging and dominated by bad news and, quite probably, a real sense of doom & gloom, added to which Winter lockdown restrictions are likely to feel more severe than they did during an unseasonably warm Spring in 2020.


So the short-term outlook is certainly pretty bleak and most unwelcome, however the prospects from the various vaccine options DO provide genuine grounds for hope and optimism, and our view is that there is reason to believe that we could see a material change for the better from Easter onwards.


So as things stand there's absolutely nothing to suggest that the GWR won't be able to take place as scheduled on Sunday 18th July and therefore we're continuing to plan on that basis - albeit understanding that there is the distinct possibility that, once again, we may have to apply a significantly-reduced limit on the number of places we can offer.  We sincerely hope this isn't the case, but we need to be pragmatic and to plan accordingly.


We had to set a cap of 600 riders in 2020 (the maximum size permitted for any event in the country) and, while we very much hope to be back to at least very near normal by July 2021, we also have to accept that we may find ourselves in a similar situation again.


If that's the case then the only fair thing we could do is to operate a 'first come' policy on entries, with those entries over any specified limit or cap being refunded as & when any such official guidance or instruction is received. So, for example, if events get restricted to 600 people again and we find we've exceeded that number at the time this becomes known, we would prioritise the first 600 entries received by date order and refund any subsequent entries with our apologies.


We know this is far from ideal and not what we would want in the least, but it seems the fairest way to proceed if this scenario does in fact materialise - and giving priority in these circumstances to those people who've shown the greatest confidence and support does seem to be the most equitable way to manage this.


The good news right now is that entries haven't reached these levels as yet, however please note that after just a couple of months of entry being open we're already well over 50% subscribed based on our restricted 2020 capacity level, and so it seems likely that we may reach this threshold fairly soon.


Clearly, some of this is just conjecture and 'worst-case scenario' planning at this stage but, if the above situation does arise, hopefully you'll appreciate that we have at least alerted you to the possibility - and what the proposed remedy would be - in good time.


We will, of course, continue to monitor developments and the relevant official guidance & instructions as best we can and, where necessary, we will adjust our thinking in response and advise further accordingly.


Plus, while it's still extremely challenging and stressful for event organisers right now given the near-term negative outlook, this time around it's not all completely new and out of the blue - we don't like it one bit, but at least we've been here before - and, for our part, we actually feel much less daunted and certainly better prepared to meet the challenge than we did in 2020 (and we didn't do too badly then!).  So this gives us significant confidence for 2021, and we also hope it's of some help and reassurance to you too.


Finally, we reiterate that we firmly believe that the situation across the country WILL improve from Spring onwards so it's vitally important to remain positive and upbeat where possible in the immediate weeks ahead, and we hope (and expect) that enjoyable, social events like the GWR will once again help people physically AND mentally as a semblance of normality returns in the Summer.


Please feel free to let us know if you have any queries regarding any of this, and do sign up as soon as you can to secure your place for the 2021 GWR (if you haven't done so already).


And - most importantly - please stay safe, follow the official expert guidance, and remain as positive as you can while we get through this latest difficult period.


Don't forget our motto - Rise to the Challenge! :)

November 2020

2020 Fundraising Effort

We're fairly sure that no-one needs reminding how difficult and challenging 2020 has been for pretty much all of us, however hopefully it's not been all bad and there's been the odd bit of good news here & there - which we can add to with details of a rather special fundraising effort from our riders this year, given the circumstances.

We've now gathered as much information as we can on the overall fundraising effort from our GWR and GER cycling challenges, and it looks like the combined fundraising figure for 2020 is around £35,000 - which also means that almost £400,000 has now been raised in total for good causes by our riders since we started.

As always, numerous different charities and causes benefitted from riders' efforts & exertions in 2020 and every year we're pleased to see so many being supported.


And we're especially delighted to see that our official charity partner received huge amounts of support again, to the extent that Prostate Cancer UK has now received around £260,000 from its partnership with the Great Weston Ride and the Great Exmoor Ride.

Not unexpectedly, the overall 2020 fundraising total isn't quite as high as it's been in recent years - however when you consider that COVID restrictions meant that we had to limit the total number of available entries to less than 60% of our usual numbers, then you soon realise that it was in fact a pretty phenomenal effort this year.

And, of course, with so many other fundraising events simply not managing to overcome the COVID challenge and therefore not happening in 2020, we're sure that our riders' efforts and contributions are even more welcome and more gratefully received than ever.

So obviously we'd like to say a massive and heartfelt 'THANK YOU' to everyone who rose to one (or both) of these challenges and raised money this year - it's a very significant amount in very testing circumstances, and this success is entirely down to the efforts and commitment of sponsored riders and their generous supporters.

We would appreciate it if fundraising riders could also share this news with the people who supported them, together with our thanks and appreciation for EVERYONE who contributed, and Prostate Cancer UK has specifically asked us to let everyone know that they are extremely grateful for the tremendous support that has been shown yet again.



And of course we very much hope that lots of people will enter and at least consider fundraising again next year - we never even dreamt that half a million pounds in fundraising would be achieved when we started down this path, and yet now it's very much in sight!


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