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Here's where you'll find all the latest news and developments regarding the 2023 Great Weston Ride:

January 2023

2023 Rider Medal

We're pleased to say that we've decided on our rider medal design for 2023, and the upshot is another fab-looking bespoke medal that should be waiting at the finish for everyone who completes the 2023 GWR :)


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Hopefully you like the look of it and, as ever, all you need to do to get your hands on one of these is to enter the Ride via our Online Entry page, get some training in beforehand (the sooner you enter the more training & preparation you can do!), and then just go out and enjoy yourself on the day!

And, with EIGHT route & distance options to choose from, there should be something for pretty much everyone, so whichever route option you go for you WILL know that you've well & truly earned your medal by the finish - and of course it always feels that little bit easier if you also know that you've done a bit of prep & practice!

NB please just be aware that we have to estimate & finalise our medal order much earlier than usual this year, which makes it more difficult for us to predict likely demand - and obviously we're keen to avoid waste where possible, so it may be the case that people who leave it late to enter this year may not be able to receive a medal if demand outstrips our upcoming estimate.

So, if you want to be sure that one of these has got YOUR name on it, please help us out and make sure you get your entry in ASAP (if you haven't done so already) - and, of course, please bring as many friends, colleagues, family, etc with you as you can.

We see so many groups riding together now, and it really is even better when you take on the challenge alongside a bunch of people you know!

So sign up NOW and we'll make sure that your medal is waiting!

November 2022


After 12 very successful years helping to raise awareness and over £300,000 in sponsorship for Prostate Cancer UK, we feel that it's time for a change now - and so we're absolutely delighted to announce that Bristol & Weston Hospitals Charity will be our new official Charity Partner into 2023 and beyond.



BWHC fundraises for TEN hospitals across Bristol and Weston specifically to support services above & beyond what the NHS itself can provide, and in fact some of the initiatives that they fund in our hospitals actually serve the WHOLE of the South-West.

The ten hospitals include the Children's Hospital, the BRI, and Weston General, and over 1 million patients are treated each year across these hospitals - and, of course, the vast majority of our GWR riders are from the local area, so they and their families are precisely the people that BWHC is helping to care for and look after when they need hospital treatment.

BWHC focuses on providing additional support for its hospitals wherever the need is greatest and, as an example, in 2023 there's a major project at the fantastic Children's Hospital that we're keen to try to support with our riders' help.

Bristol's Children's Hospital is in the top four children's hospitals in the UK, and it sees over 45,000 emergency attendances each year (as well as around 120,000 outpatient contacts) - but it's currently the only big children's hospital in the country without a dedicated clinical research facility (CRF).

Places like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Sheffield all have a CRF in their children's hospitals, and the lack of such a facility in Bristol actually deprives children and young people across the South West of access to the latest treatments.


So BWHC is determined to do something about it - fundraising for the facility is already underway, and it would be fantastic if we could get this great new partnership off the ground by also helping to address this huge health inequality for families across our region.

So we'd like to ask ALL our riders to consider if they could possibly join #TeamBWHC at the GWR and fundraise for projects like this game-changing facility in the South West - please go to our Charity Partner page for all the info you need & to sign up to fundraise.


October 2022

2022 Fundraising

We've now gathered as much information as we can on the overall fundraising effort from our cycling challenges this year, and it looks like the combined fundraising figure for 2022 is an estimated £30,000 - which also means that around £470,000 has now been raised in total for good causes by our riders since we started.

As always, numerous different charities and causes benefitted from riders' efforts & exertions in 2022 and every year we're pleased to see so many being supported.

And we're especially delighted to see that our official charity partner received great support again - to the extent that Prostate Cancer UK specifically has now received around £310,000 from its association with our cycling challenges.



So obviously we'd like to say a massive and heartfelt 'THANK YOU' to everyone who rose to one or more of these challenges and raised money this year - it's a significant amount in what are still quite testing circumstances, and this is entirely down to the efforts and commitment of sponsored riders and their generous supporters.

We would appreciate it if fundraising riders could also share this news with the people who supported them, together with our thanks and appreciation for EVERYONE who contributed, and of course we very much hope that lots of people will enter and at least consider fundraising again next year - a grand total of £500,000 is now well within sight, and we'd love it if we could reach that figure next year!


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