See below for riders' comments & feedback regarding the 2021 Great Weston Ride:

Riders' views are really important to us as they help us to shape and improve the event from year to year, and the feedback we receive is always very much appreciated.  Thank you.


"Wow - what a day". Fabulous as always, great organisation and fantastic route changes. Thanks for a great day in the saddle.

Matthew Steel - 'Awesome'


Superbly organised, very friendly, it was my first-ever sportive and the furthest I’d ever ridden by 27 miles! Great atmosphere and I’ll definitely be back next time! Thank you so much to all the crew and volunteers they were amazing, especially in that heat. Brilliant. Hooked on cycling now! Best 5 hours I’ve had in a long time!

Christine Grosart - 'Awesome'


By far my favourite event of the year. It is always brilliantly organised, and it draws a great mixed crowd of cyclists. Everyone is friendly, encouraging and supportive. Each year is different - this year with new twists to the route (excellent) and of course one of the hottest days of the year (challenging!) . The ride provides excellent opportunities for a real challenge if you want it in addition to the basic route. There is a real sense of community about the ride - less about being a competitive race, more about being together and where possible raising money for a good cause as well. Thanks to the team for laying on something special again.

Bob Callaghan - 'Awesome'


Amazing day! Super well organised, clear communication throughout and very friendly helpers. Couldn't have done more to make everyone feel welcome all the way through. Can't wait for next year. Thank you all very much!

Lizzie Hims - 'Awesome'


The GWR is always the highlight of my cycling year. This year was no exception, and I really enjoyed the new part of the route to avoid much of Burnham. The quieter roads were so much more pleasant. The heat and sun were manageable with lots of fluids and sun cream. Another triumph - thank you Darren and team!

David Derbyshire - 'Awesome'


Fabulous day out as usual. Excellent route and great people along the way. Love it!

Geraint Jones - 'Awesome'


First time riding this event and what a great ride it was. The whole day was brilliantly organised - registration quick and simple, well managed start, clearly-marked route and welcoming finish area. Add to that a fantastic group of volunteers, marshals and supporters and this really is a 5-star event, looking forward to coming back to do it again next year, thank you!

Ed Tristram - 'Awesome'


Brilliant event, really well organised with incredibly friendly staff/volunteers/marshals. It was my second time and I will be back next year!! Thank you!!

Sam Froud - 'Awesome'


My 1st GWR and I will definitely be back. Despite all the Covid requirements and extreme heat, this didn’t dampen the day at all. It was extremely well organised and the whole event had such a great atmosphere from start to finish. All GWR marshals were very helpful & friendly and the reception at the finish line with everyone clapping and cheering and the ‘cow bells’ jangling was so up-lifting. Thank you GWR Team for a fantastic sportive! See you in 2022!

Wendy Fox - 'Awesome'


Absolutely amazing day, superbly organised. Thanks to all the volunteers and organisers that made this so good & keep up the good work. Thank you :)

Mark Cook - 'Awesome'


Another truly fantastic GWR, brilliantly organised, signposted, marshalled. We loved it!

Jane Woodruff - 'Awesome'


From a rider’s perspective the ride was amazing. This is the gold standard for organisation and you met this once again. Looking forward to GER in September and doing all three again next year!

Steve Marshall - 'Awesome'


So well organised and a fabulous day out. I was impressed to see marshals riding back and forth and everyone was just so nice and friendly. I am not a cyclist but absolutely loved it so thank you so much.

Sally Groves - 'Awesome'


Absolutely brilliant ride, superb organisation & even amazing weather - a highlight of the summer, well done Darren & all the GWR team.

Graham - 'Awesome'


My first time with GWR and anything similar so I came with an open mind. The organisation, signage, the “ride infrastructure“ and the route were all excellent. The marshals and volunteers were all friendly and helpful. It was great to see the MH AONB volunteer Rangers helping with the marshalling and handing out chilled water. There was a very happy and positive atmosphere amongst all of the riders. Many thanks and many congratulations on an excellent event.

Nigel Campbell - 'Awesome'


Another great GWR. Organisation spot on. A superb event that I would highly recommend to anyone. Roll on 2022.

Ian Robinson - 'Awesome'


Thank you to all the super marshals, organisers and volunteers. The route was fabulous, stupendous views, well signposted and full of happy, cheerful cyclists. It was a great day’s cycling.

Kate Carr - 'Awesome'


The heat this year made it seem tougher than in previous years but there were ample opportunities to take on more water. The atmosphere at the end was fantastic as usual, as was the hospitality. Brilliant as usual. A big thank you to Darren and his team.

Barry Wharton - 'Awesome'


Yet another brilliant Great Weston Ride! As usual it was incredibly well run and organised, an absolute treat to be a part of. Thanks!

Russ Day - 'Awesome'


Hi Darren and team. Once again many congratulations and thanks to you all for all the work you do to make this event happen. Against the adversity of restrictions and extreme weather you have again provided us all with a most spectacular and memorable GWR. Love the new route for the latter section across the levels too. Thanks again for everybody's hard work. Looking forward to next year's already.

Simon Derrick - 'Awesome'


1st time doing any event. Brilliantly organised, good signs along the way, good refreshment stops. Maybe a bit more shade needed at the finish! Thank you, I loved it.

Julia Young - 'Awesome'


Such a friendly and enjoyable day. Extremely professional, and so nice to see all kinds of cyclists rise to the challenge....until next year, thanks to all those involved.

Adrian Collins - 'Awesome'


Huge congratulations to all involved in organising this year's event. From start to finish the organisation, route signage, refreshments stops, marshals, in fact the whole team of individuals involved were superb. I enjoyed the change to the closing stages of the route and you always seem to bring the good weather too, it was glorious even if it was a little too hot for me. Thanks again for a thoroughly enjoyable day and I'll be back next year for more of the same please.

Alan Desmond - 'Awesome'


Fantastic experience. Will be back next year for sure. Thank you to all the support staff from start to finish, you made it safe and possible!

Ben Robinson - 'Awesome'


Congratulations for a well run event and for the superb efforts of all those who contributed to making GWR work so effectively and efficiently. Thoroughly enjoyable day/event even allowing for the continuing Covid restraints and the HOT weather. Well done one and all!

Laurence Andrews - 'Awesome'


My first GWR ride. What a fantastic well organised ride, Well sign posted and well stocked refreshment stops. Really enjoyed myself. Thank you.

Phil Hulbert - 'Awesome'


Very hot temperatures but everything else was cool. Brilliantly organised from start to finish by Darren and friendly team. Scenery was so good I almost did not want to descend from top of Mendips. Will definitely ride again. Our thanks go out to Rory who stopped and helped us with a puncture.

Stephen Fisher - 'Awesome'


Very well run, clearly sign posted, great event for a great charity. Well done to all involved.

Leigh Townsend - 'Awesome'


This year I wanted to attempt the GWR on a tricycle, I had some great communication with the team in advance with regards to transport back and sections of the route that could be an issue, no problems at all. Loved every minute and will be back again next year.

Mark Nash - 'Awesome'


Thank you Darren and all your team had a great ride although very hot during the ride and glad to finish. Very well organised  and the air conditioner on the coaches was a well come relief. Once again thank you x

Julian Day - 'Awesome'


Really enjoyed the new route through Burnham, much better than going all the way through the town. One issue would be the road crossing in Burnham where you had to cross the main road and a few marshals there would have been helpful. Otherwise great event as always.

David Eidman - 'Awesome'


Another well organised event. Thank you for all the help given to me. The man with one arm.

Ian Hampton - 'Awesome'


Took Darren's advice & kept it relatively short after doing the full route for the last 3 years. Did not detract in any way, in fact it was nice to ride different roads this year. We still rode back to Bristol afterwards & clocked up 90 miles!! Congratulations to Darren & his team, another fantastic well-run event, can’t wait for next year which will be my 10th GWR in a row.

Paul Rogoll - 'Awesome'


Fantastic day! Brilliant organisation, marshalling and support. Used the food stop at Post & Wicket, but bottom of Burrington too early to eat ahead of climb. See you next year!

Ruth Cooksey - 'Awesome'


Another great Great Weston Ride. The revised route was an improvement, and the stops were very good too - most importantly no shortage of water at the stops. Thanks to Darren and everyone else for all the hard work that goes into making this event happen.

Kevin Pearson - 'Awesome'


Thanks to everyone for making this such a fantastic ride. Looking forward to next year already :-)

Dave Yerbury - 'Awesome'


I think this was my 5th or 6th time out on the GWR and I have to say the route from the second stop was an absolute joy. If at all possible keep that route for next year as it was much safer and far more enjoyable than the previous years. Well done.

Andy Gilbert - 'Awesome'


Really great day. Really well organised and great route. Lots of happy people.

Owen Thurlby - 'Awesome'


Thanks to everyone in the Team for yet another great, well organised event. I liked the new "country lane" alternative routes: crossing the 2 main roads was a minor inconvenience compared to the pleasure of cycling on the country lanes. Well done everyone.

Des Ruszala - 'Awesome'


THANK YOU Darren and the team for another fantastic day.

David Ashton - 'Awesome'


Great ride as to be expected. Route changes were a welcome improvement with more cycling on quiet roads. Second feed station was well organised and a great location, hopefully this will remain.

Andreas Burt - 'Awesome'


Well organised and signed event. We had a lovely day and longest cycle yet at 63.8miles!

Caroline Williams - 'Awesome'


A BIG thank you for another successful event. I have done a number of different events over the years and I believe this was the best-run event with the new alternative route plan. Well Done to the team of organisers and event staff/volunteers which made the event possible. Keep Cycling!!

Neil Bird - 'Awesome'


As usual perfectly organised, & a great challenge for all abilities. 8th year doing this ride and it just gets better :)  #Stowford boys...

Rich Starr - 'Awesome'


This event was very well organised. The 57 miles route was excellently sign posted and it is impossible to go wrong. It was my first ride for charity and I would definitely do it again.

Adele Hooper - 'Awesome'


First time riding the GWR so nothing to compare to but great route (my brother and I did all 75 miles), excellent organisation and communication (in run-up to the event and on the day) - food stop in Wedmore was brilliant. I didn’t hang around for the BBQ at the finish as had a train to catch but it all looked great too. Thank you to everyone involved in putting on the event. Hope it also raised lots of money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Jenny Hemsley - 'Awesome'


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the organising staff and volunteers, many of whom spent a long time in the hot sun making sure that we cyclists remained safe. Had a great day out on my first mass event. It is much appreciated.

Shaun Dymond - 'Awesome'


My first cycling event, I could not have imagined it to be any better, it was very well organised, friendly marshals, well marked out routes and great choice of distances. The return coach was great, no delays and again helpful and friendly staff. I'll be back again for sure. Well done all!

Brendon van Zyl - 'Awesome'


Great event, and yes it was tough conditions, the water refill stations were a little slow, but under the circumstances a lot of people needed them so well done!

Steve Ainscow - 'Awesome'


It was a very hot day, which I appreciate, but there was only one water outlet at Burrington which meant there was a very long queue. More water outlets and a dedicated line for electrolyte maybe next time.

Alan Bradley - 'Awesome'


Another fantastic well organised riding event, well done to all.

Nick Siangolis - 'Awesome'


Brilliant day out and a very big thank you to the organisers, marshals, medical and other support staff. Only slight improvement I would have is to have more than one station at each of the stops for filling up water bottles.

Donald Beveridge - 'Awesome'


Another great day, very warm and happy to cross the line first.

Vic Cox - 'Awesome'


Great day, really well organised and marshalled. Thank you! Only complaint would be not going along Burnham seafront this year - a bit of a shame to miss (although I know there were logical reasons). Thank you!

Cris Campbell - 'Very Good'


First time for me and loved it . Very well organised.

Ken Palmer - 'Awesome'


First timer - great ride, well organised and even though weather was hot, everything in place to support - although personally thought stop 2 was much the better of offerings.

Gareth Mullen - 'Awesome'


My first sportive - really enjoyed it. In all honesty I can’t really think of too much to say to try and help improve it. … An ice cream van at the finish would have been a dream :) .. awesome stuff - thanks a lot.

Stuart New - 'Awesome'


Brilliantly organised with a wonderful, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Truly an annual highlight. I look forward to 2022.

John Callanan - 'Awesome'


The route change avoiding Highbridge and Burnham was greatly improved over last year. The more scenic route more pleasant and seemed to be less traffic, allowing me to enjoy sights from start to finish.

Carlton Dickinson - 'Awesome'


Thanks a lot for the fantastic organization once again. It's been tough under the warmest day of the year but I am thrilled to have made my first 100+ km ride on this amazing route going through such a beautiful area, loved it! (and this time I put sun cream so no sunburn!).

Olivier Moreau - 'Awesome'


First time I have done this event and it was great and well organised. I'll be back next year :)

Simon Davies - 'Awesome'


Although it was hot it was still a great ride. Thanks for changing the route to avoid Burnham Centre. Very much appreciated the staff/volunteers at the refreshment stops as well.

Ian James - 'Very Good'


Every year I feel can I do it again! But the feeling at the end and memories of views and friendly positive people bring me back every time.

Liz Gould - 'Awesome'


Well done to all the volunteers - yes it was hot cycling, but blimey they must have been scorched, and were if anything even more supportive and enthusiastic this year. Rock of Ages stop remains a problem - not easy to differentiate water from refreshment stand queues, the latter being completely unsignposted. Also the water station had unlabelled iso additive which was fine for me but seemed to annoy some others, and only a single tap for water led to long queues. Wedmore was superb - best stop on any sportive I’ve done. The new route was better, but car drivers on that last 10 miles are still the worst on the route. A nasty main road crossing with no pavement - I wonder if that warranted a marshal? Finally, finish reception was awesome as ever, food/drink fabulous. I like a bottle of water with the medal, but appreciate they’re not very sustainable. Kudos to all involved.

Ray Lock - 'Awesome'


Had a great day, weather was hot but a well-run ride - looking forward to next year.

Roy Roberts - 'Awesome'


Loved it. 8th time completing. Thought the refresher stop in Wedmore was a good location. Great communication as always.

Rob Grimshaw - 'Awesome'


Thanks for putting on such a great event. This is my 4th time, would have been 6th except Prostate Cancer + a hip replacement kept me from 2 of them, and despite the high temperatures and little wind I enjoyed it immensely. There is one improvement I would ask, that is could provide the route in GPX format, to make it easier to estimate arrival time at the finish. I had to replicate the 3rd leg of the route (Wedmore to Weston) in order to give my wife an ETA at the finish.

Keith Harvey - 'Awesome'


Great ride. Well organised, well signed and well marshalled. Thanks. FYI - I contributed directly to Prostate Cancer £100 including tax relief.

Ian Montgomery - 'Awesome'


Fantastic day! - Well organised event, challenging weather conditions being so warm but the service stops were key to completing the ride. The course was well sign posted and marshalled. Thanks and hope to see you again next year.

Roan McLeod - 'Awesome'


Last 10 miles section better than before :) See you next year.

Lee - 'Awesome'


Overall another well organised and run ride this year. Improvement for hot weather rides: 1) water stops every 10 miles 2) isotonic to be available at all stops and finish 3) increased covered shade at the finish.

Gareth Mainwaring - 'Very Good'


Brilliant event - very hot but appropriate warnings and advice given for riders' safety - well organised and supported!!

Kim Edmunds - 'Awesome'


I don't think I'll be dressing up as Elvis again if the weather is as hot as it was lol. I would like to thank the marshal for helping my missus at the top of Burrington, your help and support from everyone on the day is most appreciated as this is a well run event! Depending on the weather we're looking at dressing up in something different for next year so until then all you beautiful people stay safe.

Neil Everett - 'Awesome'


Excellent event.

Peter Hawkins - 'Awesome'


Great organisation. Signage was excellent. The efficient sign in and starting processes made things very smooth. Second refreshment stop really well organised and it was great there was plenty of space for everyone. Being hosed down at this point helped cool me off which was needed after the climb up the Gorge!

Paul Shelley - 'Awesome'


First time and won’t be the last - despite the searing heat, it was a great experience, route and the marshals did a great job.

Mark Wells - 'Awesome'


My first time doing the GWR - despite the biblical heat I really enjoyed it! Great route and top organisation. Three little things that would have made it even better: I) Fairly sure the water tank at stop no.1 had some energy/electrolyte in it. If this was marked I didn’t see it. Actually a really good idea but would have been good to know in case of intolerances etc. Ii) Went back for a second burger as I was starving and my lift home was an hour away. The BBQ couldn’t take card payments and I had no cash. (Realise this was beyond your control though!) iii) There was a bit of confusion on the final run into the finish line - one more “ahead” arrow where there was an option to turn left at the start of the beach parking would have reassured me that I was going the right way. These are tiny niggles though, I loved the event and will be back next year! Hope everyone got home safe and sound, whether they completed the ride or not.

Tim Ashton - 'Awesome'


Our first GWR and what a gorgeous route. Extremely well organised and lovely friendly volunteers. Well done everyone...

Tom Wood - 'Awesome'


Great event, very well sign posted and a good course.

David Medley - 'Awesome'


Fantastic GWR event as usual. Organisation was impeccable as ever and all riders observed the CV protocols which didn't detract from the event whatsoever. The core 57 mile route was more than enough for me in the heat . I enjoyed again the "game of two halves" nature of the route but to be honest having crested the Coombe the prospect of another 35+ miles to go was somewhat daunting. There was a couple of rogue (red) route arrows just after the Coombe that caused a little confusion but all was well. Towards the finish I was asking myself 'how many times can we cross the railway lines?' I counted five, I think!! Excellent reception at the finish - very welcome happy young faces to greet us in. And no queues for the burgers! Well done Darren and the team!

Andy Nichol - 'Awesome'


Another fantastic well organised riding event, well done to all.

Nick - 'Awesome'


Well organised event. I did the 75 mile route the first water station was at 20 miles but the next was not until 53 miles and in the extreme heat another earlier water station would have been welcome, I understand the ride is a charity but I think it should have been made very clear the feed stations were not FOC for those that did not bring money or their own food.

Gary Price - 'Very Good'


Another great cycling event superbly managed by the whole GWR team.

Ian Fisher - 'Awesome'


As in previous years very well organised including the transport, the stops at good distances on the route, the build-up to the event and of course the finish where the burger was very welcome (with a pint of course!) 5 of my friends took part for the first time this year and they were equally impressed and more importantly our Group led by David Parsley have collected over £800 so far for Prostate Cancer.

Tony Pelham - 'Awesome'


Some of the roads did have some dangerous pot holes / sunken service covers which you had to navigate around and this combined with ungrateful drivers became a challenge.

Vince Callen - 'Very Good'


Yesterday was my first GWR ride on recommendation from my brother and sister in law. It didn't disappoint! Excellent organisation from start to finish which made the event flow brilliantly. The route signposting was great and the route itself had a great blend of challenges for all rider abilities. The lunch stop was great. The food was ideal, both in quality and offering. Special mention for the cake selection. It seemed rude to only have the Victoria sponge when the Apricot flapjack was also calling my name! And it was SO worth it! The team also did an excellent job of keeping the drinks cold on what was a scorcher of a day. My only piece of feedback would be to consider an extra drinks stop after the lunch stop. Yesterday was an extraordinarily hot day, so that must be taken into consideration, but there were lots of riders stopping at shops and petrol stations to top up again. All in all, an absolutely brilliant event and even though it's a 2 hour trip to the start line from where I live, it was absolutely worth it and I'm looking forward to next year already. It's an event I would whole heartily recommend. Well done to the organising team!

Ian Mumford - 'Awesome'


We thought it was extremely well organised and thought the route change was a really good one too!! Thanks to all the team who work so hard to make this event a success.

Melanie Milliner - 'Awesome'


Excellent ride - fantastically organised as always. Signage was superb throughout and getting a burger within 30 seconds of arriving was a massive bonus! Loved the option of the Cheddar climb. Somerset levels were hot hot hot, so pretty tired by the end. There were a few difficult/busy road junctions with some right turns. Was a bit too tired to remember where but possibly Burnham. Appreciate not easy to avoid them entirely but perhaps the route could reflect that in future.

Paul Davies - 'Very Good'


What an enjoyable day, the feed stations had plenty of choice and the revised route was a lot quieter.

Tristan Rains - 'Awesome'


Ended up in Brean after missing a sign. Another rider I know also missed a sign. Not sure about the final miles after the new venue, (which is great with lots of space) Awkward crossings of roads and going through barriers to cross busy main roads. Overall a great ride as per past years and still fantastic, especially with all the COVID related restrictions. Kudos to you and all the team for putting it on.

Steven Hughes - 'Very Good'


Another well organised day great banter with other riders. Huge thanks to all of Darren's team, marshals, riders and everyone who helped out…

Wayne Harding - 'Awesome'


Very well organised! The start was not too busy at 8:30 with no queue at the registration desk at all. It was a good warning about gravel on the fast downhill section near the middle of the ride, although I didn't notice it till it was right in front of me. Maybe even better if you sweep the gravel off the road, deploy a marshal there, or put a warning sign up. The Burrington Combe water was in a different place to usual and this created a long queue and congestion. One of the staff manning the tea and coffee table did a great job of using a couple of jugs to fill up our water bottles in the queue next to her table. It would be even better if the water was available in several places, if there is a pandemic again in the future.

Colin Waterhouse - 'Awesome'


I have done a few Wiggle rides but enjoyed this one the most, great relaxed feeling with a fantastic route. Really enjoyable and thanks to all the support staff, great job!

Bradley - 'Awesome'


The first water stop was very busy when we arrived - probably just bad timing on our part. It would have been helpful to have a third watering point somewhere between Wedmore and Weston as we all ran out of water and there was few opportunities to fill up. A great event though, we’ll organised and supported and I thoroughly enjoyed it - thanks.

Anne Woodbridge - 'Awesome'


Can u have a 45 miles option next time?

Nivian Sanchez - 'Awesome'


This is our third year doing this ride and by far the hottest ride we have ever completed. Darren and the team, thanks for a great day and all your hard work in organising this event, the new route changes in my opinion were fantastic, the quieter roads certainly made it more enjoyable. See you next year!

Chris Cooper - 'Awesome'


Great route, really well organised, highly recommended.

Richard Short - 'Awesome'


The queue for water at the first stop was very large and didn’t encourage people to stop. Otherwise excellent event - really well signposted, marshals lovely and polite and in positions where they were required. The descent of Rodney Stoke hill was a little hairy - it might be good to have a marshal at the top to remind the speed demons that it is a functioning road! I know it was mentioned in the ride briefing but a reminder might be good.

Lucy Meehan - 'Awesome'


A thoroughly well organised ride. Re-routing to avoid Centre of Burnham worked well. A great day on a bike. Always like the finish where you are clapped across the line by what is usually a decent crowd, before settling down for some refuelling.

Rob Piper - 'Awesome'


Hard ride, very enjoyable!! Yellow route was really well signed and clear to follow . Very well organised . Thank you.

Samantha Worner - 'Awesome'


Great ride again, but let down by the burgers at the end. I appreciate it was very hot, but the rolls were a bit stale and burger wasn’t very tasty!

Chris Jackson - 'Very Good'


A great day. Thank you so much to all the organisers, volunteers, marshals, for making it happen and keeping it going.

Craig Buckingham - 'Awesome'


This is my 5th year doing the ride and this year I hated every minute of it ;) :) but that was purely down to the heat, everything else was as usual brilliant :) defo be back next year.

Tara Sharp - 'Awesome'


It would be useful to have a number on the blue/yellow arrows that indicates the km to the next fuelling station. Across the Somerset levels I started to get a little concerned as I was down to half a litre of water and didn't know how far until the next station. It was a great event. Excellent organisation. The fuelling stations were efficient and nice places to be. The team at the end were really positive. Shout out to Gary Harris for fixing my bike. Great guy!

Nigel Hopkins - 'Awesome'


Well what an awesome day, we loved the route and thought the whole day was superbly organised. Thanks for getting us back to Bristol after our train was cancelled.

Nigel Moseley - 'Awesome'


More feed stations would have been good with water refills, especially on such a hot day.

Ben Western - 'Awesome'


The ride was organised great as usual especially in these current times. Lots of friendly people, I had bad cramp and plenty of people asked if I wanted help, one guy gave me some electrolyte tablets for my water as I ran out, so thanks to him it got me to the end in the heat. The only change I wasn't keen on was the last part of the route on the A370 but probably because I was done in lol Look forward to next year.

Matt Trohear - 'Awesome'


My first ride of this route and a good turn out and the marshalling was fantastic with guidance spot on, hot today and I got through 57 miles, I’ll be back next year and probably bring a few people with me. Thank you GWR for a well organised event.

Ray Grant - 'Awesome'


The GWR has become an integral part of the Bristol summer, and one of the great feel-good events of the year. Long may it continue.

John Loy

Absolutely loved this year's ride - tbf I love every year's ride :) great organisation & support - just brilliant. Thank you!


The gold standard for event organisation! Training for next year already!


We'll be back next year - wouldn't miss it, as it's a highlight of the year.


My first sportive, absolutely loved it! Thank you everyone for all the organisation and the volunteers. Brilliantly done. Will definitely do it again!


GWR - The benchmark for UK sportives - no exception. Scenery, team spirit, organisation - GENUINE care from the marshalling team (huge thanks to all who stood by the roads waving us through). And of course, the cause. I've personal reason to support the fight against Prostate Cancer and whilst it was "hot hot hot" the discomfort was nothing compared to those undergoing treatment. Rode back to Long Ashton and the wheels fell off the wagon a touch along the way, but worth it.

Steve Darnell


I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and your colleagues for a really great day on the ride.  Lizzie and I had a wonderful day and we surprised ourselves a) that we completed it, and b) how quick we completed it, prior to the ride we were concerned it would take us all day but we think we had quite a respectable time. It was really well organised and a really slick operation.  A fantastic day out.  Thanks very much.  We'd like to sign up for next year for sure.


A brilliant event every year - a real highlight.


I really enjoyed the event and thought it was very well organised. Thanks to all of the staff involved.

Lee Adams

Thanks for a fantastic event! My 13yr old son and I were first timers and did the 74m blue route. He was looking forward to conquering Cheddar Gorge climb and flew up it, biggest challenge by far was the weather, but it just made the post-ride drinks more enjoyable and the atmosphere unforgettable. Thumbs up to all the hard work from the GWR team, you were a very welcoming bunch. Not sure what was tougher, standing around in the heat or riding!

Matt Ansfield

Brilliant event. Thanks so much to the organisers and especially the marshals.

Pete Gray

I think I've done about 5 or 6 GWR bike rides since about 2013 (first time was on a mountain bike, that nearly killed me!)
It's one of the best events, highly organised, lots of helpful updates beforehand and best of all everyone is so friendly.
I did 63 miles with the Wedmore loop added. I didn't think there'd be any more hills that way, but I was wrong...
Enjoyed the beer and burger at the finish. Happy to book next year as soon as available. Well done to all involved!!

Adrian Collins

Thank you for a fabulous day, it was my first GWR and I absolutely loved it, really well organised and a great event.

Sharon Herniman

This apart from the heat was the best organized ride I've done. Well done to all involved.

John Nicol

Thank you for organising another fantastic event - my 5th time and it gets better every year, we managed just over 100 miles! Amazing day.

Jacqui Perriman

We had a fantastic time, it all seemed v well organised. Also reassuring that we saw the ambulance motorbikes quite a few times. We'll done team. My only wish, that one drink at the end was included.

Pam Ballone

Thank you for a brilliant day and a well organised ride.

Jennie Anderson

Great event... Was my first GWR and really enjoyed it. Did the 75 miles, was hard, very hot but great, well organised, the refreshment station was good (the second was great) after the finish line also very good, the route was very well signed, so well done all involved.

Pedro Rodrigues

A fabulous day out and well done to all the volunteers, that spirited welcome over the finish line is always one of the highlights.


Fabulous day out for my first GWR cycle and wow was it hot but managed the full route and had great fun. Very well organised and lovely smiling marshals - will be back next year.

Helen Diamond

I loved that there were so many people, great camaraderie. I would have liked more mile markers with less than 10 miles to go. The end was really hard. Otherwise really good signage. At the second stop and at the end I’d have liked quicker sugar hits like mini Mars bars and haribos instead of cake which seemed too filling and stodgy.  Also diet drinks instead of full fat coke etc. 

Zip ties were hard with the numbers - would longer ones be easier? Thanks.



Thank you to everyone involved, brilliant event, well organised and super helpful support team.

Jonathan Walter

It was my first Great Weston Ride and although it didn’t get off to the best of starts (delayed transport, our bike van turning up at the P&R late and then me leaving my Garmin on the coach :(), from the moment the pedals started turning, all went well. The route was well signposted, the food stops were good especially the second one in Wedmore, and the burgers at the end were fantastic. The riders were supportive and friendly as were all the stewards and helpers. Thank you for organising such a good event and I look forward to riding it again next year.


Another fantastic well organised ride .This was my 8th so that says it all.

Mike Slater

Great event again. Thanks to everyone involved for making it an enjoyable experience especially given the temperatures. Nice to see smiling faces as we arrived at each stage.

Sarah Hughes

Great day out, great organization .. a great big Thank You to all from me.

Wayne Harding

Brilliant event! my first time and loved it, even when I was cramping up lol great organisation.

Jordan Wood

Excellent day, friendly helpful marshalling. Thanks for organising a fab event.

Tony Walsh

I think this was my 4th GWR. Look forward to it every year: beautiful scenery, great organisation and a lovely happy atmosphere. Well done and thanks for putting this on.


First time riding the GWR. What a day. Fantastic atmosphere, really friendly ride and very well set up. Huge thank you to all involved in setting this ride up and those who put in so much work behind the scenes and front of house. Looking forward to entries for next years to open. Again a massive THANK YOU.

Pete & Sarah

My fourth time and loved it again but indeed the heat made it harder than previous years. Thank you especially to volunteers and Marshalls, amazing work! As always medal and burger at the end were very welcome sights!


First GWR for us and had a great time despite hills & heat! Helpful marshals and enjoyed the beer & BBQ at the finish. We parked at Weston and took the bus to start which worked really well. Thanks to the organising team.

Liz Elliott

A challenging but great day out. Thanks to everyone involved in organising and supporting on the day. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.


Thank you all. The second food stop was awesome and the people there were so friendly and helpful. The water container filler guy even hosed me down which was so welcome! Thank you everyone.

Ann Tarr

what a brilliant day, I liked the route changes, was such a buzz seeing so many cyclists especially at the finish, see you again next year.

Tristan Rains

First time for me and my friend, it was very tough and challenging for us as we usually average about 26 miles once or twice a week and minimal roads. Really pleased we made it and are very proud to receive our medals. Thank you all for everything.

Andy Davies

My first year & absolutely loved it! So well organised & all the Marshalls were beyond amazing   thank you! Have already recommended it to friends for next year.

Laura Fricker

Thanks to you all for another awesome day. I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is each year. It's always good to see and chat to familiar and new faces. Enjoyed the new bits although I may have appreciated that Burnham headwind this year. Back to 2 of us next year.


A great day’s riding, if a little too hot for my liking! Fantastic route as always and really well organised, as always! Looking forward to 2022 GWR!

Philip Howell

Thank-you Darren & to all that organised it & worked hard in the hot sunshine, it was the first time I’d done the ride & probably the longest (my usual is up to 45/50 miles ) but really enjoyed the route & people were lovely, especially with the heat, everyone still had a smile on their face lol Deffo going to do it next year & am considering the Exmoor Ride!

Rachel Collins

Great event, well organised and loved the new route nearer the end missing Highbridge and Burnham out. 10th event for me and hardest yet in those conditions and the first time I’d done the full 75 miles and rode from Portishead to the start. Great but tough day. Burgers at the end were absolutely lush. Thanks for the jersey, Darren, and your team for all their hard work.

Dave Cash